D N Matthews’s Website is currently being updated, this should be completed in a matter of days.

A web-site is like a mantelpiece. One wants to display those bits and pieces which are precious in some way, or particularly attractive or which tone in colour or shape or function with similar items. That is relatively straightforward. But then one acquires something new, which deserves to be shown,  and the whole presentation is in danger of being disturbed; the balance is thrown or the shelf too cluttered. A culling has to occur. Serious decisions have to be taken. Doubts set in. Revisions occur.

I hope that the ‘arrangement’ you find here appeals.

I am new to this public promotion. It is not something I am especially comfortable with. At least one knows those people invited into the sitting-room, who then have an opportunity to admire the mantelpiece. Visitors to this web-site will, most likely, be complete strangers. For who would bother to acquaint themselves with the ‘refined’ version when they already know the actual person?

That said, whoever you are, thank you for clicking on this web-site and taking an interest in what I have produced and what I am currently focussing on. It is because enough people have expressed an interest in my work, rather than because I believe it deserves an airing, that this web-site has been set up.

I am grateful to The Hive Croydon for their assistance.