Per Crucem ad Coronam

Per Crucem ad Coronam
A school hymn for St Andrew’s School, Croydon; to music composed by Tanya Kirk

What king is this whose crown is woven thorns,
Who still does give when all seems spent and gone?
He holds the line when others have surrendered.
He shields the sick, the lonely and forlorn.
He sees a dawn where skies shine bright and clear.
He sees a world where wealth is laid to share.
He bids us ford the stream and, hand in hand, to run life’s course with him:
Take the cross and crown.

On the shores of Lake Galilee, it was Andrew who was first to be led,
Chosen for his faith and his hunger for salvation.
On the shores of Lake Galilee, it was he who found the fishes and bread.
Once blessed these gifts were transformed. They fed the world.
God’s grace unfurled.

So let us turn what’s base to burnished gold.
Chain heart to mind and forge a living soul.
Let’s slake our thirst to know, and drink God’s wisdom.
As stewards now, fulfil our sacred role.
We must take up each note and make it sing,
Weave plume with plume until we have a wing.
As one, we’ll heed the call to lead our world, with joy to meet our king:
Share the cross and crown.
David Matthews, August 2012

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