Behind the Scenes

A writer is always alert for material which triggers an idea or presents a story-line. Over the years, I have amassed a quantity of stuff: some published, some not; some just scribbled in response to an experience, a visit, an encounter, something read. Much of it can be found here.

Keeping a Commonplace Book grew in popularity from the 18th century. It was an individual’s personal collection of poems, articles, extracts from longer works or just appealing snippets. I have been keeping a Commonplace Book since 1979. I am gradually transferring its contents to this web-site.

It can be interesting, as a reader, to wander behind the scenes, into those chambers where source material (whether it be consciously or sub-consciously appropriated) is stored.

It can be equally intriguing for a writer to trip over, when idling through those same chambers, something long forgotten which nevertheless gave rise to a motif or scene or simply set a chain of thought running, leading to a polished piece of writing.

I shall also include here a selection of thoughts and observations. Some chart my reaction to different experiences. Others are written for specific occasions.

Unsurprisingly, material here is not filed at all tidily. Make connections at will.